OAuth captcha broken in Safari and makes login impossible


The OAuth captcha is not working when signing in with Safari on both Mac and iOS. The captcha appears, but it is extremely stretched vertically and is unreadable. This makes it impossible for users to use OAuth to sign in on iOS since Safari is the only option for signing in.

See below for a screenshot of what this looks like and the login URL to reproduce the problem.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?


Which Endpoint/s?

OAuth login

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Try to authenticate an OAuth app using Safari (or an embedded web view on iOS). For example, this URL:

Screenshots (If applicable)

Screenshot from Safari 14 on Mac. Also occurs on iOS 13 and iOS 14.

Additional context

This problem started in the past few days and users of our app started reporting it to us because they can’t sign in since the captcha is unreadable.

I have faced same issue when i tried with microsoft edge.

Hi @Kent_Sutherland @yagna247,

Our team is aware of this issue and is looking into it. Thank you for raising this. (ZOOM-198205).


I’m not seeing the reCAPTCHA at all, making it impossible to login. Just started today for me. Entering username and password leads to error.

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me too. I need a solution

I too facing the exact same issue for past 2 days. In my application I used oauth to integrate with zoom.

An error with reCAPTCHA occured. Please try again.

Current work around is login in zoom and then go to authorize app.
Please fix this issue

Hey @siva-ganesh @diepnv,

Thanks for raising this—our team is looking into this. (ZOOM-202512).

In the meantime, please try completely logging out, then logging back into Zoom before going through the app authorization flow.


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