Zoom log in broken for OAuth - captcha broken

I am finding in test, the user is not able to sign in on zoom becuase the catpcha image and audio do not appear.

See image here: https://customerservices.glasscubes.com/share/s/s8fjh2j6vjisk0r5km230qtvtm

If you look at the URL of the image (https://api.zoom.us/captcha-image?type=1&rnd=0.2617005087850274&/captcha-image ) this returns ‘502 Bad gateway’

Hey @wayne.p,

Can you let me know what browser/version/machine you’re testing on? So far, I haven’t been able to reproduce. Thanks!


Hi Will,

thanks for your help on the other topic. Damn typo!

Regarding this - I cannot reproduce today. All seems normal - perhaps Zoom were having a production issue that day. I will respond to this thread again if I can reproduce.

FYI I was testing on a Mac High Sierra, Firefox (v80.0) and also Chrome (v 85.0.4183.83)


Hey @wayne.p,

I’m glad the typo was squared away! In regards to reproducing this issue, please do reach back out if you encounter it again.


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