OAuth errors: Oops! We were unable to complete your request. Please try again. (4,700)

I have this working on another SF Dev environment with a created app in Zoom.But when I try it afresh using the new Zoom App with the same settings as before it is not working.
The new App created is called SF Zoom -UAT (NliCPpUUS6eRpOmpwk0fIw)
This is the error when I try to authenticate the Authentication Provider (Zoom):

I also get an error when I am trying to add the app using the ‘Add App Now’ button:

Hi @services4 ,

What type of applications are they? E.x. legacy OAuth app vs. Unified build flow.

Additionally, what scopes are provided to each?

Hi @gianni.zoom,
The new application (SF-Zoom UAT) is a Unified build flow. I am certain it is not a legacy OAuth app.
The scopes used are


See the following which affects new apps created this week:

Hi Gianni,
A belated happy easter to you. Apologies I could not respond sooner as I was on a Easter break.
I can see from the link you shared that there are some scopes that have not been pushed to GA release. So thanks for letting me know that.
But I just want to check with you, my issue is actually making that initial connection between the Zoom OAuth App and my Salesforce environment, which is working well in a different Salesforce environment connected to a Legacy Zoom OAuth app. But I am unable to connect to a new Salesforce environment using a new Zoom OAuth app.

Hi @services4 ,

Ahh I see, thanks for clarifying! To confirm, you’re able to add the scopes needed on the UBF app, but it’s seemingly incompatible within the salesforce environment?