How to integrate the zoom using oauth app

Integration of the zoom using oauth app:

I have created an draft oauth app in the in my zoom account.

After that I have gone through the to integrate
zoom oauth app

I hit the the below given API for user authorization:
with query parameters client_id, response_type, redirect_uri.

It redirected to me a web page where It was showing this

You are about to add Your app

Use of this app is personal to you, unless you share it with other participants.

By clicking Allow, you give permission to this app to use your information in accordance .

I clicked on allow app but it stated that your app could not be installed.

It didn’t worked out for me.

Is there a way we can achieve it? Or any other suggestions?


Hi @growskills
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community!
When you clicked on allow and you say it did not work for you, what message did you see? what error did you get?

Integrating Zoom using OAuth involves creating an OAuth app in the Zoom Marketplace, obtaining an access token, and then using that access token to authenticate your application when calling Zoom APIs. Here are the general steps:

  1. Create a developer account on the Zoom Marketplace: If you haven’t already, create a developer account on the Zoom Marketplace at
  2. Create an OAuth app: Once you have created a developer account, navigate to the “Develop” section and create a new OAuth app. You’ll need to provide some basic information about your app, such as the name, description, and logo.
  3. Configure your app’s settings: In the OAuth app settings, you can configure your app’s scopes, which define the level of access your app will have to Zoom APIs. You can also set your app’s redirect URL, which is the URL that users will be redirected to after they authorize your app.
  4. Obtain an access token: To obtain an access token, you’ll need to make an OAuth request to Zoom’s API endpoint. This involves sending an authorization code obtained during the OAuth flow to the token endpoint, which will return an access token that your application can use to authenticate API requests.
  5. Authenticate your application: Once you have obtained an access token, you can use it to authenticate your application when calling Zoom APIs. This involves including the access token as a header in your API requests.