Oauth fails with "Invalid Account" for "unverified" account


If I create a new Zoom account and try and connect our published app, I receive the OAUTH callback with “errorCode=Invalid Account”.

If I then “verify” the account with a credit card, the OAUTH succeeds.

I believe this is due to some recent change on Zoom’s end. I can’t find any documentation on this.


  1. Is this expected behavior?
  2. If expected, does “Invalid Account” always represent this particular situation? If so, I’m guessing I can alert the user that they must verify their account with a credit card before proceeding (?)
  3. If this is indeed a change in behavior, was there an announcement? I want to make sure I don’t miss these in the future.
  4. Where can I find documentation on this.

Thanks for the help!


Hi @felix,

Thanks for reaching out about this. What is the app that you’re trying to install? Is it possible the app requires the user or account installing it to have a certain plan? Let me know if you can share the app here—this will help me to take a closer look.


Hi Will,

The app is Schedulista.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @felix,

Thanks for confirming. In taking a look at the app and considering the error you’re running into, it seems like the Shedulista App may be expecting a paid Zoom plan (Pro or higher), which could be causing the issue.

If you haven’t yet, I would recommend reaching out to support@schedulista.com to verify the Zoom account requirements, as they’ve built this app directly.

I hope this helps, but let me know what you find!


Hi Will,

I am a software developer at Schedulista.

Our integration does not require a Zoom paid account.

In my initial post, I describe that this is a recent development/change with how Zoom works.

Also, in my initial post I list the repro steps and the step that cures the issue. The cure is “validating” the account with a credit card. This “validation step” does not make the account a paid account. (And thus far I have found no mention of validation in the Zoom documentation).

I’d love to get answers to the questions I enumerated in the original post.



Hey @felix,

Thanks for clarifying, and apologies for misunderstanding!

I’m looking into this for you. (ZOOM-227911).

Thanks, and I’ll be in touch,

Thanks Will!


No problem, should have an update for you shortly!


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