OAuth issue exchanging authorization code for first time access tokenas


We’ve successfully registered a dev version of our Zoom authorization app in your Zoom market place. The name of the app is UnifySquare PowerSuite Dev.

We’ve successfully got a client ID and client secret.

Then, our Zoom administrator successfully authorized our tenant via the URL from the app registration (https://zoom.us/oauth/authorize?response_type=code&client_id=JooefPxgS5uW4Zb_45R_2g&redirect_uri=https%3A%2F%2Fu2webapplicationzoomkatytest.azurewebsites.net%2Fapi%2Fzoomauthorization

We successfully got a first time authorization code of .

But, I’m stuck on Step #3, where we exchange the first time authorization code for the first time set of access tokens. Here is the URL that I’m posting to (with no content):


I’m using our client ID (redacted) and client secret, base 64 encoded, as the basic authorization header.

I’m getting back a 404 page not found response from Zoom. What I’m stuck on is figuring out what isn’t found? The callback URL that I’m specifying in this POST request is not getting called back, for sure.

Note that I’ve removed the secrets from this POST. I’ll be glad to share code also.

Please help,

Katy Leonard


I fixed my stupid url syntax error (didn’t start the query with the ? character). Now I get the following response: Invalid request : Redirect URI mismatch. I’ll search on this. I’m assuming that the redirect URL used in this request does not have to match the redirect URL used in the request for the authorization token?

I changed the redirect URI on the POST request to oauth/token to be the same redirect URI used to receive the initial authorization token. I’m still having a problem. Does anyone have a C# example?