OAuth meeting:write scope is broken (?)

Zoom oauth has been working fine for me the past few weeks, but just today I started seeing “Invalid scope: meeting:write as system can’t support! (4,700)” error when logging in over oauth.

known issue?

Not a known issue at the moment, are you still seeing this? Can you verify your scopes on the marketplace?

Still not sure what’s causing this for me. I was able to resolve this issue temporarily by clearing my browser data and clearing my access token and re-logging in. though now a co-worker is running into this problem as well. I’m traveling this weekend, but hope to have more info soon on what might be causing it. since no one else is reporting, i suspect it’s a local bug in our implementation, but i’ll try and verify that with Charles or another proxy soon.

We’re here to help. Let me know if you can’t resolve it locally. 

Awesome thanks - his is working now too, so if we see it again we’ll take a longer look and see if we can find the root, but for now everything’s working fine again. thanks!

Ran into the same issue setting up a new app. Resolved by ensuring permissions set in marketplace match permissions requests during OAuth.

Hi @joshdcuneo,

Glad that the issue was resolved. Please let us know if you have any questions.