Oauth problem, generated token is not valid

Hello i found a problem Im trying to use oauth. I used oauth app credentials to get auth key, I got a key but when Im trying to get all meetings, response is (token is not valid). I tried to use other credentials(from zoom api) those with full rights, then again i get new token, list of rights and again using this token to get all meetings and same response… (token is not valid). When I use JWT repsonse is okay. But I would like to use oauth instead JWT valid for years. Also i found strange problem while trying to get token on zoom API, after click i get redirect to page with message:

Anyone same problem?

Hey @danieluk.alan,

Can you send a screenshot of the redirect urls you have in your Zoom App Dashboard on the App Credentials page? I want to double check those match with the URL you have in your request.


They are the same, but did u check generating token trought your documentation api? I mean that one to make sample calls on your docs site, seems like you have problem with word in link: “oauth” and in another “oatuh”.

@danieluk.alan are you using credentials from this app? do you have any other app which was created before this one?


I have only one app, and logging exactly from those credentials(client ID & secret). App is created but not installed.

Ok I found problem, it was about my configuration in Servicenow oauth

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The error screenshot you shared is fixed on our end as well.