Always getting Invalid access token

I’m trying to use the API using OAuth2. I’m trying use postman or /docs/api-reference/zoom-api/users/users which make a simple request to fetch users via “”/v2/users I keep getting the invalid token error.

I generated a token using

But if I use a token from the application site, the request is successful

I rechecked the api secret and api key

I want to generate a token, and not to take it from the site.
What should I do to get a valid token?


Hi @ryan.lang,

When using the API with OAuth the authentication is different so you don’t need API key/secret, you only need your API Key/Secret when you’re trying to use JWT. Here are some docs for you to reference so that you can generate a valid OAuth token[1] or JWT API Key/Secret token[2]

  1. API using Oauth -

  2. API using API/Key Secret -

I trying to use JWT.

I generate a jwt token like this.

But I geting the message that my token is not valid. Why is this happening? Key and secret are correct. And I noticed such a moment that the ‘payload’ when generating a token through the jwt site has fewer characters than the token that is generated through your site in the App Credentials section

I have the same problem when I generating JWT.
I also want to generate a token on the back on .net, even implemented the algorithm that is listed on Even used libraries that generate jwt, but the result is one - invalid access token
I took the API key and secret from here

Hi @ryan.lang,

Can you email us a screenshot with what you’re inputing at jwt at so that we can take a closer look?


Hi @sergeypastyshenko,

Have you tried generating a JWT using the site? Also please refer to this doc on how to generate a JWT for Zoom APIs [0]. Which JWT library are you using?

0 -