OAuth redirect_uri changes from http to https

Several weeks ago when I played with your Zoom API with OAuth, I was able to go through the whole handshake without needing https. But suddenly now, after I login my Zoom account with OAuth and it returns, it changes the http to https.
I’m writing asp.net application, running off the dev iis express.

I could of course run the same code off my local iis under https and it’ll work, but it’s a pain for development.

Can you please look into what was changed and change it back again.

Same issue that was discussed and closed:

Thank you

I’ve found some odd workaround to “trick” it to work.
If you go to manage the app, go to installed apps, and uninstall the app (revoke the approval).
When you go through OAuth again and go through the “do you authorize this app?” screen, the redirect will obey and keep the http instead of switching it to https.
Please fix the issue and stop it from switching.

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Hey @jasonhpchu,

I’m glad you were able to find a workaround. That said, I should calrify that our OAuth flow requires that your redirect URL uses HTTPS. You can see this reflected in our documentation here:


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