Refreshing tokens issue

Hi, sometimes, I get a 400 error while refreshing

“reason”: “Invalid Token!”, “error”: “invalid_grant”.

The refresh is valid (till Oct 15.2023). Also it cannot be the scopes, because it wouldn’t work at all.

In addition, I expect to see the difference in decoded info from that token. But the only one difference that I saw was ‘tid’: 0 .

Could you please help me to understand why refreshing doesn’t work? What is the problem with the token above?

Hi @wdev2020 ,

The refresh token although is valid for 90 days, its a one time use token only.
This means, it will expire after you use it to generate a new access token. You need to replace the old values with the new ones for the access token and refresh token everytime you get a new token

I have the same flow, and I used to have this theory about why it doesn’t work. But after success refresh, I updated the tokens. And I even try to use the old tokens for refreshing a couple times in Postam and it works even after generated the new pair of tokens.