Obtaining video streams of individual participants in a Zoom meeting?


I am currently working on a project that uses machine learning to analyze Zoom videos. In order to improve the accuracy of the analysis, I wonder if it is possible to access live video streams of individual participants. For example, say that there is a meeting that uses 4x4 gallery view. I would like to access each of the 16 cells of that gallery view with a separate video stream. This would give me better video precision for each meeting participant. Is this possible?

There is a related post on this here: Is it possible to access a zoom meeting's video data?, but that post is old. Could someone please confirm that obtaining a meeting’s video separated by participant is possible? If so, what are the steps I should take to do this?

Thank you so much for your help!

Hi @vzhang1,

I’m afraid that cloud recording and livestreaming capabilities still only support 1 stream—it’s not possible to get split streams for individual participants at this time, though it’s a great suggestion and something we hope to support in the future.


Hi Will,

Thank you for your response! In this post: Is it possible to access a zoom meeting's video data?, it’s mentioned that “We do have a partnership for getting access to raw video and audio feeds using our Mobile or Desktop SDKs”. Does that mean we could get access to multiple streams through this partnership?

Thank you again for your help!

Hi @vzhang1,

I believe this post is a bit outdated at this point.

If you’re looking for access to raw audio/video, you might consider looking at our Video SDK:

I recommend posing questions for that SDK here: #web-video-sdk


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