On a PRO account, when the 101 user tries to join they will be rejected due to capacity limit. is it event can be monitored in some kind of capacity?

On a PRO account, when the 101 user tries to join they will be rejected due to capacity limit.
Is there an event that monitors this type of behaviour?
I want to know which of the registrants failed to join as participants and handle it.

Hey @zoom32,

I’d suggest perhaps taking a look at webhooks, specifically the Participant Joined webhook.

You could monitor how many users have joined.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


HI @rarev ,
Based on the webhook, I can only know which participant succeeded to join, but I can’t tell from it which participant failed to join due to maximum capacity.
Plus, If a new user wants to register and the register reached the limit, I don’t get any webhook for this.

What I’m trying to accomplish is saving leads that otherwise will be lost due to capacity limits.

What are your thoughts?

Hey @zoom32 ,

There is another webhook that shows if a registrant has been denied Zoom API Events - Meeting, and that gives you the registrants ID, First and Last name, as well as email. This might seem like what you’re looking for.

This is what I was looking for.
The only issue is the name of the event.
When I read the registration_denied, I thought it is when someone is denied to register.
I would say it should be renamed to participation_denied. This describes the event better.
Thank you for your help,

Now the following question would be is there a webhook that is triggered when someone is failing to register for a meeting? ( due to capacity limit )

@zoom32 ,

It doesn’t appear that we track that event specifically. Though we do have an API endpoint that allows you to list all meeting registrants, Zoom Meeting API, perhaps you can keep track of the number of registrants this way?

correct, I can get the number of registered, but I don’t know, even from the meeting info what was set for the registrants limit.
It seems that if you use the API to register new users to a meeting, this process overrides the registrants limit, so the implementation of the register API doesn’t match the same logic flow as the registration UI page. It would be interesting to check the code for the registration page, and how it gets this limiting value.