How to make upper limit at zoom meeting?

Hi Team,

I want to make upper limit at zoom meeting like real conference.
I’m waiting for your advice!


  • I’ve got about 1,000 people in the running.
  • There will be about 30 topics in different rooms, with the first to participate.
  • Once there are 15 people in a room, no more rooms will be allowed.

To start, I considered the following methods.

You’ll need to add a link to the entry room.
List Meeting Participants Dashboard API to count the number of people first and then show the URL if the limit is not reached.
I think it’s going to get stuck in Rate limits, because the limit for that API was 40 requests/second for a business account.
Maybe 200 people are going to get access to the most popular rooms all at once.

Can you tell me if there’s another better way, such as setting a cap on the number of people, or some other light API that just lets you know how many people you’re going to have?

Hey @leadingmark_dev,

Are you planning on using Zoom meetings or webinars?

If meetings, you can track the number of participants in real time via the Participant Joined Webhook:

If webinars, you can limit the number of registrants:


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