One webhook for multiple zoom account

Multiple account webhook

we had a backend that captures webhook from several Zoom accounts (using old JWT apps)

it works until recently, webhook require challenge-response mechanism to be validated.

we follow the guide at and successfully ingest webhook from one account.

but it only captures events from the account that create the app.

I have read Validate webhook Endpoint we need account details also for get webhook secret from database for handling multiple account and similar thread suggesting to use verfiicationToken as the account switch, but we see that verification token will be retired soon.

Verification Token (Retires in October 2023)

how can we use 1 webhook endpoint to capture request from multiple Zoom accounts?

additional info :
also read Handle webhooks secret token verification with many accounts. but cannot put more than two links in a post.

Hi @engineers , is this a master and sub-account structure? If you make the app at the master account level, you should be able to receive web hooks for sub accounts.