Validate webhook Endpoint we need account details also for get webhook secret from database for handling multiple account

We are using 20+ zoom account for our organization.

So, when we add webhook endpoint that time zoom validate that endpoint with send one POST request with plain token on request body.

And in our end, we need to encrypt that token with webhook secret and send that to response for validate it.

So, the Issue is that we are not receiving the account details on request body. So, how can we identify for which account the validation is happening. If we receive the account detail like email that time we can take webhook secret for that account from our Database and validate It

Hi @techteam.toprankers, You have Verification Token inside req.headers. Please build relation

//account 1
//account 2


Once the url_validation notification is received just filter req.headers.authorization==accounts[index].verfiicationToken, get the specific secretToken and hex it.

Thanks for sharing your solution @freelancer.nak. Does that solve your issue @techteam.toprankers