Only Black Screen show or DevTools failed to load SourceMap

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I get the black screen too. It is even present in the sample app. From what I found, the sdk injects a div in the body that takes up the whole screen and sets the background color to black. Now as to why it does this, I have no idea. Hopefully someone from Zoom can answer that or point us in the direction of getting that changed.

Zoom Team Please provide some solution

As a temporary workaround for the black screen, Iā€™m just adding a style to the element to make its background transparent.

document.getElementById('zmmtg-root').style.backgroundColor = "#00000000";

thx for reply andrewgrs
but problem not only black screen it not start meeting too

Hey @andrewgRS, @campsyshelpdesk,

Please provide steps to reproduce the issue and code snippets so we can help. :slight_smile:


@tommy can we genrate a meetingid in our code and when we join as Host that meetingID make my meeting ID dynamic time

Hey @campsyshelpdesk,

Yes, checkout the Create Meeting API.


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