`onMeetingConfigChanged` Event Lacks Details

Hey Zoom team,

We’re having some trouble creating a cohesive experience with breakout rooms that supports both our app, and the native Zoom UI for breakouts.

Currently, whenever users manage breakout rooms through our app, we have no trouble keeping track of the breakout rooms state. However, when users begin interacting with the native Zoom UI for breakouts, we run into issues keeping the state of our app up-to-date.

A payload with details for each onMeetingConfigChanged event is essential for us to provide a good experience to our users. For example, we would expect:

breakoutRoomsCreated — a breakoutRoom list as defined in getBreakoutRoomList()
breakoutRoomsChanged — a list of breakoutRoomIds with details of the changes
breakoutRoomParticipantsAssignedbreakoutRoomId, participantUUIDs etc.
breakoutRoomParticipantsJoinedparticipantUUIDs, destination breakoutRoomId, origin breakoutRoomId
breakoutRoomParticipantsLeftparticipantUUIDs, destination breakoutRoomId, origin breakoutRoomId

Today, onMeetingConfigChanged events contain only a timestamp.

I understand that the suggested architecture is currently to listen on this event and then make an API request to retrieve details of what has changed, but this is not a viable architecture in the long-term because the events fire so regularly. It is not practical to make an API request on every event.

The only work around we’ve found that makes for a usable experience is to occasionally poll the getBreakoutRoomList() API to retrieve the latest state of the whole meeting’s breakout rooms. This is how we keep track of the breakout room state today.

Any ideas/thoughts? Has anybody else been using this event with success?

I brought this up with @evgeny.balashov in our ZA-twine channel earlier this year, but wanted to document here to share with fellow developers and keep track.

@om7 We have this on the roadmap, but it will take a few releases

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Thanks @evgeny.balashov :smile: appreciate the responses.