Live update zoom meeting and breakoutroom participant's with api


We are building an app around zoom that recreate some functionnality in a more “graphique” interface. We are currenctly stuck on the functionnality that allow user ton move from breakoutroom to breakoutroom (or leave) from a click or drag and drop event, directly from our web interface.
The idea is that when the user has moved (from our interface), we call the Zoop API to update the Zoom Meeting and the user is moved in the corresponding breakoutroom (directly in the zoom interface).

We have 3 problemes:

  • The API call to update the zoom meeting is not live updating the zoom interface. Is there a way, either with the API or the SDK, to live update the zoom interface with change coming from outside the zoom component ?

  • When we setup the zoom meeting (before launching the zoom component) we might set some participant in breakoutrooms. So that when the user is connecting, he’s already on a pre-assigned breakoutroom. Is there a way for user to go directly to a breakoutroom ?

  • Can we detect change directly form the zoom component (to update our UI with possible user movement in zoom)