Operation Locked: Rate Limit (50ms)

Hi @vic.yang

I am encountering this intermittent error while initiating Zoom Sessions:

index.umd.js?a087:1 Uncaught (in promise) {type: 'OPERATION_LOCKED', 
reason: 'Cannot complete the operation due to the rate limit(50ms)'}

as a result session participants cannot be connected.

Any hint is appreciated.

Hey @neiloswald

Thanks for your feedback.

Did you call the cmdChannel.send([text]) method? The Video SDK Web has a rate limit of 50ms per call in the previous version, in the latest version(1.4.0), we removed this limit.


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Yes, I called cmdChannel.zend(<command_text>).

I confirmed that v1.4.0 fixed this issue.

Thank you very much.