Optimize screenshare - Animations looks choppy on screenshare in iOS

Hi Team,

Our app has a sequence of images to be shown with animation on it. In iOS Zoom SDK, this animation is displayed on the guest side when screen sharing is on. It looks choppy and some animations were skiped to the guest.

Is there any way to enable optimize fullscreen clip and increase the refresh rate?

Please let us know how to resolve this?

Which version?

Hi @pandiyaraj,

Is this issue happen with the Zoom iOS Client? Which screen sharing method are you using to do the screen sharing?

Hi Carson,

Thanks for the reply. This happen in iOS Zoom SDK.

I am using with the help of MobileRTCScreenShare Framework and followed by this link

My Code snippet is:

DispatchQueue.main.async {
if let ms = MobileRTC.shared().getMeetingService(){
ms.appShare(withView: self.view)

Please let me know any other information needed.

Hi @pandiyaraj,

Based on the code snippet, it seems like you are using the appShareWithView method to share. Please try to follow the instruction you have mentioned and implemented the broadcast extension for sharing. The broadcast extension will use iOS’s built-in features and ReplayKit to share, which has better performance in sharing screen.


Hi Carson,

Actually I have implemented a broadcast extension based on the document in my app and I am using custom UI for the Host Side (Device 1) and Default UI for the Guest Side(Participants). When I clicked the share button, I have implemented the above code snippet also start the broadcast from the notification bar. PFA of the screenshot

Hi @pandiyaraj,

If you have implemented the broadcast extension, you do not need to use the appShareWithView. You could use something like RPSystemBroadcastPickerView(https://developer.apple.com/documentation/replaykit/rpsystembroadcastpickerview?language=objc) to trigger the broadcast menu. Once you press “Start Broadcast”, if the implementation is correct, the SDK will start sharing automatically.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi Carson,

Thanks now working fine after adding the “RPSystemBroadcastPickerView” .

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Glad to hear that! Then I will go ahead and close this thread. Please feel free to create another post if any other questions. :slight_smile: