Option to disable/hide Meeting information popup

My personal information are exposed to end user, is there any way to disable/hide the bottom popup which is opening when user clicks on the meeting name on the top of the screen.

Which Mobile Meeting SDK version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Join a meeting
  2. Click on the top where the name of the meeting is shown, a pop is opening from the bottom
  3. In this popup end user is able to see my all the details, like password, invite link, meeting id etc.


Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: [e.g. iPhone 12]
  • OS: [e.g. iOS 14]

Additional context
I tried using some of the methods you provided like
JoinMeetingOptions options=new JoinMeetingOptions();
options.meeting_views_options= MeetingViewsOptions.NO_TEXT_PASSWORD;
which is working fine, but need to hide all the confidentials information from the end user.
if i use
options.meeting_views_options= MeetingViewsOptions.NO_TEXT_MEETING_ID
that is removing the title from the top which is not looking good

Hi @arun.goyal, thanks for using our SDK.

The MeetingViewsOptions you’ve already tried using would be the best approach for this. If those options do not fit your needs, the only other approach would be to implement a custom meeting UI from scratch, which would be a significant amount of work. If you would like to take that approach, our documentation would be a good place to start. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for reply
As you mentioned custom UI will take time to implement so is there any other way to remove/hide the meeting id from the popup or Popup itself? I have to show the custom meeting ID or the top center and don’t want the popup, if we cant remove the popup, is there any way to show the custom meeting in the popup as well?

Hi @arun.goyal,

The only options available are custom UI or the MeetingOptions fields mentioned in your post. Since the limited customization available through the default UI does not seem to fit your needs, I would recommend looking into implementing a custom meeting UI.

The SDK sample app has a custom UI implemented, which could potentially lower the barrier to entry if you choose to take that route.


thanks jon

One more popup is shown when we click icon placed on left top below of audio icon attaching screenshots for better understanding. Is there any way to remove that icon or disable that option.

Hi @arun.goyal,

The UI you are referring to here is called the Active Apps Notifier (AAN). It cannot be removed, as it provides important information to meeting attendees regarding which apps may be able to see their in-meeting content. Even if you were to implement a custom meeting UI, you would still be required to display this information in your app as is noted here.

The only way to prevent this from appearing is to not have any apps running in a given meeting. Since the SDK is considered to be an app, the AAN will always be active when using the SDK.


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