Optional("the meeting has problem. (Error code: 3049)")

Our application that is currently in production is receiving a critical error. After initiating a zoom call it exits out and returns an error of MobileRTCMeetError: 206, and the message is Optional(“the meeting has problem. (Error code: 3049)”)

Which Mobile Client SDK version?

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  • iOS all devices
  • Android all devices

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Hi @stephen.r.ouellette, thanks for using the dev forum.

The error you are seeing may be related to your login expiring. Please try logging back into the SDK and joining the meeting again.


I have tested this multiple times, as well as entering in some wrong information on purpose to see what errors I get. Unfortunately that is not the issue.

Hi @stephen.r.ouellette,

Thanks for confirming. Are you able to reproduce this in the iOS or Android sample apps included with the SDK? What about the regular Zoom client on either platform? This information will help us narrow down whether this is a bug with the SDKs, something in your implementation, or an issue outside of the scope of the SDKs.



I have not tried to reproduce this with the sample apps. However I can say that nothing has changed from Friday when it worked without issue to Sunday when It started failing… there were no code changes, no restarts, or updates.



Can you elaborate on what MobileRTCMeetError 206 is?
further, the message string for the above listed error gives us another error code which is
Optional(“The meeting has problem. (Error code: 3049)”)

this is thrown from the following function

func onMeetingError( _ error: MobileRTCMeetError, message: String?){

print(“onMeetingError: (error.rawValue)”);

print(“message: (message)”);


The following method :
func onMeetingStateChange(_ state: MobileRTCMeetingState) {

print(“onMeetingStateChange: (state.rawValue)”);

print(“state Info: (state)”);

if(state.rawValue == 7){

if defaults.integer(forKey: Constants.LAST_TRIP_ID) >= 0 {

print(defaults.integer(forKey: Constants.LAST_TRIP_ID))





prints meetingstatechange 1 about 4 times, then we get the error, then the state changes to 4, 6, 1 then goes to 7.

Hi @stephen.r.ouellette,

The error code you are seeing is indicative of there being an issue with the login, which is why I asked to try logging back in in my first response. Can you please try to reproduce this in the sample app and then the Zoom client if it is still reproducible in the sample app?

Alternatively, if you have not been able to reproduce this in the sample apps, can you provide some context around how you are logging in with the SDK?


This issue was resolved last night. There was an update pushed by zoom over the weekend which broke our SDK on our side. After the issue was corrected by the ZoomGov team, we were able to regain normal operation. Thank you for your time.

I’m very glad to hear that it’s working properly now!

Please don’t hesitate to reach back out in a new thread with any additional questions. :slightly_smiling_face:

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