List of Partecipants on Recurring Webinars

We have had a webinar “spanned” on 2 sessions, we forgot to set it as “recurring” (we are quite new zoom users), so the second day we simply change the date of the webinars to start it. No problems so far, the webinar went well and all the attendees where satisfied with the general experience, but when we try to retrieve the complete list of attendance through the API we find thant the first day was missing. If we go to “Account Management” -> “Reports”, the data are all correctly present and csv extractable, but if we call the endpoint " /report/webinars/{webinarId}/participants" we find only the attendance of the SECOND day, the FIRST is missing.

We think “maybe the change of the date blocks us”, so we try to set the webinar as “recurring with no fixed date” AFTER it ends, but no changes have happened on API result.

So again, we try to create a “correct” recurring webinar, with 2 fixed date, yesterday and today. We open it with 3 attendees, both yesterday and today, but when we call the endpoint again we have only the SECOND day attendance. Obviusly, we have already tested both WebinarID and UUID as parameter for the API call, but with no luck.

What are we doing wrong? We need to retrieve FULL list of attendances for tracking reason, what can we do?

Please let us know!

Hi @federica,

When you query the APIa using the Meeting ID / Webinar ID of a recurring meeting / webinar, it will return you the latest instance o the meeting / webinar.

Every meeting / webinar has a UUID. Please use that to get the details of the specific meeting/webinar . If you need to know the UUID of the meeting / webinar, please use these APIs:

Let me know if this helps.


We already try via the UUID.

Webinar ID -> ***********
Call to “/report/webinars/91099527257/participants” --> return 174 attendance (the second day only)

When calling “/webinars/91099527257” --> return UUID XhycXmJcSdWY8FTD2O3qJg==

Call to “/report/webinars/XhycXmJcSdWY8FTD2O3qJg==/participants” --> return "“Meeting does not exist: XhycXmJcSdWY8FTD2O3qJg==.”

Call to “/report/webinars/XhycXmJcSdWY8FTD2O3qJg%3D%3D/participants” --> return “Meeting does not exist: XhycXmJcSdWY8FTD2O3qJg==.”

What can we do now? Please let us know!

*This post has been edited to remove any meeting / webinar IDs

Hey @federica,

Looks like you are not using the correct Webinar UUID. After a webinar starts, the UUID changes, and allows you to call the reports endpoints.

Please try the following Webinar UUIDs instead:

ULy20BUgRhKD/nJ3J6zxhg== (make sure to double urlencode this one since it includes a slash.)


After a meeting starts you can get an updated Webinar UUID in the following ways:

Let me know if that helped! :slight_smile:


Thanks Tommy, that solve our problem. We were not aware of then Istance UUID.

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Happy to help! :slight_smile: