"Our API is taking a break. Please try again later."

Are these outages scheduled or is the API not production ready?

Second question, where is the documentation for the web sdk login() method?

Specifically, login succeeds even when the api call fails. How is this reflected in the result of login()? Shall I pare for “Our API is taking a break. Please try again later.” so I know it’s offline?


Hey @mikkimichaelis,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum.

Just to clarify, are you referring the maintenance on the Web SDK data centers outlined here:

If so, yes, this is related to scheduled maintenance to our Australia and Tokyo data centers.

Are you able to clarify what you mean by this? The Web SDK does not currently support user authentication or a login() method.

As mentioned in that post, you don’t have to worry about this outage affecting you if you have selected other data centers as well. Make sure that you have selected other data centers to avoid any service interruptions with the Web SDK while maintenance is performed.

Let me know if you have any questions.


I have not selected any Data Center/s besides the default for US. Specifically i am not using Tokyo or Sydney. I am using the Ionic SDK and still experiencing issues with calling login(un, pw) where I receive no error and no success callback.

Is the Ionic SDK a defunct project? I see updates were released for all SDK’s 3 days ago except for Ionic. I also see the Ionic SDK says it is a community sourced project…if so then where is the community accessible source code? Its no longer on Github.


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