Override the Meeting Topic for Instant Meetings when ticking Use Personal Meeting ID

I am using the V2 API to create instant meetings and I have run into unexpected results. If I create an instant meeting and the profile for the user I am creating the meeting with has the Use Personal Meeting ID ticked to ‘on’, the Meeting Topic defaults to the user’s profile First Name Last Name’s Personal Meeting Room. When I call the list endpoint passing the ‘live’ type argument and I get the meeting object back. Even though I set the meeting topic in my object before I create the meeting in the API my setting is ignored. Why?

As a test I created another meeting through the API with another user whose profile has the User Personal Meeting ID ticked to ‘off’ (which is the default). I now see my custom meeting topic in the meeting instance. I then call the list endpoint for that user passing the ‘live’ type argument and I DO NOT get back the currently running live meeting for this user.

So you see the issue is, in my first case I get accurate live meeting data back but no custom Meeting Topic, in my second case I get the custom Meeting Topic but inaccurate live meeting results.

I need to be able to create a custom Meeting Topic string for my Instant Meeting through the API and be able to query the List Meetings endpoint for ‘live’ type and have it accurately return all currently running live meetings. I don’t see anywhere in the documentation of the API that tells me this is not supported.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
CreateMeeting (Instant Only), ListMeeting (Live Only)

Hey @matt.morrissey,

Can you share your request url and body when creating the two meetings and then getting the two meetings so I can debug?


@tommy Sure thing, I created a document with the request/responses and the flow of what I am doing. Is there a way I can email or share the document? Otherwise is there any sensitive data I should remove if posting here?

@tommy Any feedback on my question?

Hey @matt.morrissey,

You can private message me on this forum.