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Hi, I was trying to integrate our LMS with zoom. But I am unsure if my account is supported? My account is through UNC Chapel Hill.

I was able to locate the API key, API secret  and API URL.

Thanks for direction,

John Anderson
UNC School of Social Work
Web Development.


Hi John, 

you can try to make an API call at our REST API playground @ Could I get more details what do you want to integrate with ZOOM?


Hi, thanks for the quick response. We use Moodle LMS for some continuing education programs / trainings. I learned that there’s a supported Zoom plugin that would allow instructors to initiate ( schedule ) a meeting right from the course page. It would be if we could do that for some face-to-face sessions:




Hi John,

We know of a number of institutions using the Moodle Plug-in referenced. With respect the to API information, an administrator on your account should be able to obtain the needed API information from the following page:




Yes, visited those tabs, but my account isn’t allowed looks like (screenshot): 

Thanks Brendan


Hi John,

Based on that message, it appears you’re not an Administrator for your organization’s account. If you visit the following page, you can find the contact information for the owner of your organization’s account who should be able to help you obtain the information.

Thank you,



I get the same thing. I am an admin for an account at ASU, but I want a developer to use the playground as we develop our custom reporting tool for data collection in our online program. But I don’t want that dev to have admin access as then he will have access to all the features on Zoom?


Hi John, I’d like to update you on your issue: we’re releasing an API update on 25th Feb that will allow role management for the admin which would allow them to give you permission to use the REST APIs. Please hang tight for a few days!



Oh wow, I’ll let my admin guy know! I can understand, need to set  different permissions to the API calls, so not a full access, ala-cart API access will be great for Zoom I should think.

Thanks Ammar & all - great support here, BTW  

Fingers crossed


Glad to hear that! We’re always happy to help.