Identifing users (of a company) who can use REST API


We are integrating Zoom with our Mentoring platform for our enterprise customers. We are creating a zoom app which will be an Account-level app. When a user creates a meeting in our mentoring platform we are planning on giving him/her an option to create a zoom meeting.

All the users of the enterprise may or may not have paid accounts. It is mentioned in your pricing plans page that only users who are pro users and above can use REST-API. Is this correct? If so, we want to check if we can create a zoom meeting for the user before showing him/her the option to create a zoom meeting. Can you let me know what API I need to use here.

Also some of the users may not even have a zoom account in the enterprise. I am assuming that using GET /users/email should work.

Hey @harsha,

Users of your application will be able to install and use your app without having a paid account.

The only catch is if the user is a free user, paid features won’t work, for example GET Cloud Recordings.

The app developer (you) needs the paid account.