Participant Joined Webhook – Mapping user_id to registrant_id

Hey @diegoj, @dsousa, @mahesh.biswas07,

Please email your details about the issue, and the webhook JSON to so we can debug.


Hi @tommy, we’re still having the same issue.

I’ll email a screenshot with some useful info to

Thanks for your help.

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Any updates on this? There is no way to catch when a api-registered user joins or leaves a meeting…

@develapweb FYI, I had to do a workaround. If the attendee changes the name, the webhook will always report the original name, so I set the name of the registered attendee to “Full Name (–ID–)” and then in the webhook I parsed the --ID-- from the name. It’s a terrible solution but better than nothing. Hope it helps.


Thanks for your sharing your work around @diegoj! :slight_smile:

@develapweb, here is the current logic:

Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 1.56.38 PM


Thanks @CISIA, we will be with you shortly.


Thank you @Tommy,
we’re really looking forward to see this fix, we’re counting on it and since I noticed the bug we’ve been using the work around that also @diegoj suggested but we’d really appreciate to use the built-in field

thanks again.

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Happy to hear you are using the workaround in the meantime! :slight_smile:


@tommy i have the same problem with some addition as the participant object not returned can you help me ?
event: ‘meeting.participant_joined’,
payload: {
account_id: ‘xxxxxxxxxxx’,
operator: undefined,
object: {
uuid: undefined,
id: ‘83633246624’,
host_id: ‘xxxxxxxxxxxx’,
topic: ‘Test’,
type: 8,
start_time: ‘2020-08-09T12:30:16Z’,
duration: 60,
timezone: ‘xxxxx/xxxxx’

Hey @omarfares802,

I have replied to you here:


Hi @tommy ,

As i also do have the same problem like everyone is having.
After i register attendees, i get registrant ID and i also get Join url from list of registrants API.
Now, i want to track real time attendees for my zoom meeting.
For that, i am using meeting.participant_joined webhook, which does not return registrant ID, it’s blank for people joining with their personal join url.
Any help please please?

Thank you.

Hi @malvika.ite,

I can see that we’ve already connected over at Developer Support, so I will continue the conversation there.


Any update to this? If there is another thread tracking this issue, please provide a link.

I’m still having the same issue as mentioned above.

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Hey @zachw,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Unfortunately, I don’t have any new information on this just yet. In the meantime, are you able to use the workaround suggested by @diegoj?

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Hi Max at Zoom.

It seems that JotForm has figured out a way to register people outside of Zoom and display their proper names during the Zoom.

Ex: Hillel At Home

Do you know what they are doing differently?

Hey @zachw,

Thank you for the update. Are you able to provide a screenshot of what you are referring to when you say that they are displaying their proper names in Zoom?

It’s possible that they are enabling registration for the meeting and registering that user then using an API call to fetch registrant information. This is covered in a previous forum post:

After I see what you are referring to I may be able to be more specific.


Please see here:

Hey @zachw ,

Thanks for sharing the video. Are you using the Create Meeting
/Webinar Registrant API? If so, please send your request url, and request body to so we can try to reproduce the issue.


I don’t work for Jotform or Hillel. This was a just an example of an event that someone I know came across to give an example of this working without the gibberish. Are you at Zoom able to look into this to determine what they are doing to avoid this issue? Afterall, you should have access to their Zoom application and their Points of Contact.

Hey @zachw,

Thank you for the update. We don’t have access to the codebase or any other details of the web apps that developers create. The information that we have can be found by navigating to the Zoom Marketplace and filling out the details there.

With that being said, we aren’t able to share any information about the app of another customer. This is due to privacy, security and intellectual property considerations.

However, you should be able to use the Add Meeting Registrant API to accomplish the same.

Let me know if you have any questions.