Participant Joined Webhook – Mapping user_id to registrant_id

Hello everyone,
I too was facing the same issue, even though the Zoom client is 5.1.1 (28546.0628). Which is lastest as of today.

Just wanted to know the update on this.

Issue Description:
When adding Registrant into meeting via API. I get registrant_id which is alpha-number, along with join-url.
When joining the meeting with this url, the weebhook gives be meeting.participant_joined event but the participant(inner object of object) from json response contains the following info.

  • "participant":{
          "user_id":"<some random numbers of length 8>",
          "user_name":"mahesh biswas",

id is blank and user_id != registrant_id

Hi @tommy,

Can you provide details on the fix? The documentation doesn’t seem to have been updated as it still states that
If participant joins without logging into Zoom, the value of this field will be blank.

And can you confirm this is dependent on the Zoom Client version?
It sounds odd that this fix is dependent on client as the webhook calls should be a server side implementation.


Same problem here, id is blank regardless of whether the participant is logged in or not. Please provide a fix ASAP. Thanks