[PATCH]update a group member

1.What API changes (moves) a user’s group (moves a group, not a multiple group setting)?
2.What do groupId and memberId mean in API PATCH/groups/{groupId}/members/{memberId}?
3.If there is no API inquired in 1, is there any room for problems with the processing speed when applying the two steps of group setting after deleting the group through two APIs?
4.If there is no API inquired in 1, is there an API to set as a Primary Group after using update a group member?

Hi @dworf99 , can you please clarify what you mean in questions 1, 3, & 4? I don’t quite understand.

For question 2 though, here is the detailed API documentation that elaborate on groupId and memberId:


When I tested “update a group member”, I requested an update from group A to group B, and it was not moved from group A to group B, but belonged to both group A and B.
Please tell me how to move the account from group A to group B through API.

Please tell me where I can check the information about GroupID and MemberID. I already checked the link before you sent me.

Hi @dworf99 ,

Can you please confirm the exact request parameters sent? Did you use “move” or “set_primary”?

Thank you,

I used “update a group member” of move
Just explain how to use “move”. Primary settings are not desired. I just want it to be move.

Hi @dworf99 ,

You have to pass “move” in the request parameter prior to sending the request. Did you get it to work?