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Hi, I’m looking at websdk to integrate a personal application with the use of meetings. I need to customize the front-end and I found the zoomus-websdk.umd.min.js file, is it possible to have the full version not minimized of this? or alternatively, more detailed documentation on creating the interface?
Thank you for greetings

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Does it specifically have to incorporate a traditional Zoom meeting, to which you can join from the official Zoom apps?

If yes, then according to the roadmap on Trello, Custom Meeting UI is planned in Mid-Term, so we’ll have to wait for a while for that feature.

If no, then try looking at the Fully Customizable SDK.

Thanks for providing the solution @daniel2!

@marco.bertolotti, does that help answer your question?


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Hi, I’m sorry for delay.
I try to explain better my problem.
My attempt was to invoke the methods (e.g. sending message to chat) without having to use the appropriate field.
I would like to restrict access to per-user functions (e.g. public chat only)
I didn’t see in the documentation how to call these methods and I thought if I looked at the javascript file I could understand it, but it’s minified
thank you

Hey @marco.bertolotti,

Thank you for the update. While the Web SDK allows you to incorporate Zoom meetings with your app, controlling those meetings should be done with the Zoom REST API provided. For instance, you could use this endpoint to send a message in chat.

In terms of restricting chat, you can disable the Private Chat option either in your Zoom portal or by using the Update Settings API. When you create an OAuth app, you can also use the scopes there to restrict what the app is able to do.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.


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