Integrating Zoom with other Interfaces on a Web Page

I skimmed the documentation of Web SDK however was unable to conclude whether:

  1. It is possible to have Zoom Meeting Interface with other Interfaces (Custom Application Interface) along side Zoom’s? If so, can you please direct me towards the relevant resources.
  2. Is it possible to control features like Creating/Joining Breakout Rooms for Co-Hosts/Participants during a meeting using APIs? The main purpose for this is to use an alternative interface to be able to control these features? If so, then please direct me towards the relevant resources.

Hey @drageelr,

Currently the Web SDK cannot be customized, it is the default Zoom meeting look and feel.

Unfortunately we do not have Breakout Room APIs or Web SDK functions. You can see the list of available Web SDK functions here:



I have the same question more or less. I’m trying to build a web page where the Zoom conference should be into a closed area (for example 800px * 600px;) leaving free space on the right to put some app tools (for example a drap & drop area to exchange documents between participants)

I’ve read some similiar questions here and the suggestion was to play with css styles because Zoom client fills 100% of the page. I’ve managed to overwrite class for zmmtg-root and aria-notify-area, but the fact is that a lot of other divs are written, most of them styling as height:100%, width 100%. I’m having trouble understanding which code is creating this DOM elements and how to modify them.

Is there an “easy” way to confine Zoom conference into an area? If not, is there some “internal” documentation describing what’s written on the DOM and the code doing it?

I know my message is a little disperse but I’m going crazy with this.


Hey @aerohome2020,

Currently there is no built in way to resize the Web SDK. We are working to make the Web SDK resize easier in a future release. :slight_smile:


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