Pin to second screen frameworks are misleading or bugged

Building out functions for the ZoomSDK for Windows and I’ve gotten to my implementation of multipinning. The SDK offers the option to get a list of people pinned to the second view. However, when using the zoom UI, there is no option to add a pin to the second screen, only to replace what is there. Likewise, when calling successive PinVideoToSecondView with multipinning enabled, the behavior is a replacement of the contents of the second screen versus an addition like it is for the first view function PinVideoToFirstView. I would have thought this to be a bug but it seems that the option to multipin in the second display is not available in the first place, so maybe this is intentional, but regardless:

having the option to get a list of people pinned on the second view when it is only ever possible to pin one individual to that view is confusing and is indicative of a bug or misleading documentation

Regardless, we love the SDK and are proud to use it! Just hope we can get these rough edges sorted out.

Hey @liminal_andy,

Thanks for using the dev forum!
I will inform the team that this is confusing functionality.