Please verify the domain of my new app

My previous app was an Account Level App,
I have created a new User Level App :“LMbLUePqQaKwQuItwkdDqA”.
We had already domain verified this app: “3vnmnSZGQJC6RAuRJyeWkw” Can you transfer ownership from here to the one above? Both have the same details only the app type will be different.

Just to be clear i want domain verification for this app: LMbLUePqQaKwQuItwkdDqA
@kwaku.nyante @zoom_admin2

@apps2 you will have to verify domain for each app separately.

I was told by @kwaku.nyante that the same can be used here

Even if so lets please start the process so we can get this done.

Hello @apps2

That’s correct if you just have to change your app type and the same domains are being used in that case the domains are validated already and we can move forward with the manual validation. In this situation technically the domain validation has already been completed already as long as all the same information is being used.

Regards, Kwaku

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