Assistance Required in Modifying App Level from Account to User Level

I have been working on the development of an app and I am currently in the final stages of completion. Recently, it was brought to my attention that my app is configured at the account level. However, based on my understanding and requirements, it needs to be set at the user level.

Could you please let me know if it’s possible to make this change from the backend? I’ve already verified the domain for this app, and I’m concerned about the need to recreate the app if this change cannot be made.

If I must create a new app with the same details under the same account, will the existing domain verification be transferred to the new app?
I have an email Chain with Kwaku where we have already verified this domain for the current app can we utilize that for this new app as it is the same app with only difference being user level instead of account level?

Your prompt assistance with this matter would be highly appreciated, as I am eager to finalize my app and ensure that it aligns with my goals and Zoom’s guidelines.

Thank you in advance for your support and understanding.
@kwaku.nyante @adminzoom

Hello, @apps2, unfortunately, that is a limitation with our current system, given the circumstances you will have to create an Account Level App. Don’t worry about Domain validation since the same validated domain is being used please reach out when ready to complete that step.

Regards, Kwaku

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Thanks for your response @kwaku.nyante . You’re always very helpful.
My previous app was an Account Level App,
I have created a new User Level App :“LMbLUePqQaKwQuItwkdDqA”.
We had already domain verified this app: “3vnmnSZGQJC6RAuRJyeWkw” Can you transfer ownership from here to the one above? Both have the same details only the app type will be different.

Just to be clear i want domain verification for this app: LMbLUePqQaKwQuItwkdDqA

@kwaku.nyante Please verify the domain on this app as well and let me know.