PMI not been generated when creating user via API using create action

Hi I m using zoom v2 api with create action for user type-1( basic user) user is created successfully with api php code but unable to retrieve pmi(personal meeting id) in response of user data and also after creating user i got first name and last name of userid created but not found its value while retrieving same user id data with api code

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@yashpal.m ,

after creating a user, have you activated it?

Yes I have activated user after creating it with zoom v2 api with php code i have chosen JWT but still not getting pmi after user creation


I’ve just added a create user, activated it.

When I call the API to list users, or get user, I can retrieve this specific user’s PMI

which user type and login type you are using i m using usertype 1 and login_type100 may i get code sample?

@yashpal.m ,

I’m using this API to create user, type 1

I don’t have the code sample, and this is called using postman

I’m using this API to get user. The returned login type is 100.

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Ok Thanks,So Much I Got It