Polling session is inactive


I keep seeing “polling session is inactive” during an ongoing meeting while joining using iOS SDK. Is there some setting I should do to avoid this?


Hi Neha, can you provide more info regarding this issue? Which SDK version are you using? Do you see this warning message every time when you start/join a regular Zoom meeting or are there any special steps/configurations to trigger this warning? Once we reproduce and locate this issue, we will get back to you asap. Thanks


SDK v4.1.32183.0910.

Warning is seen every time I join meeting in my app using SDK. The message comes and goes just like user-joined/left messages.

Code to join meeting is as follow:

_ guard let meetingService = MobileRTC.shared().getMeetingService()_

            else { return }

_        meetingService.delegate = self _

        let paramDict: [String : Any] = [

            kMeetingParam_UserID: userId,

            kMeetingParam_Username: name,

            kMeetingParam_MeetingNumber: number,

            kMeetingParam_VanityID: vanity,

            kMeetingParam_NoVideo: true ,

_            kMeetingParam_NoAudio: true _


        if let settings = MobileRTC.shared()?.getMeetingSettings(){

            settings.disableDriveMode( true )

_            settings.proximityMonitoringDisable = true _

_            settings.meetingShareHidden = true _

            settings.disableCall(in: true )



        let  _ = meetingService.joinMeeting(with: paramDict)




hi neha:

there are two kinds of messages.

1. You have logged in from another device. Your polling session is inactive.

2. Your polling session is inactive

which one did u meet?