Is there a call back to know if user is alraedy in the meeting?

A participant joins a host’s meeting from device A and then tries to join the same meeting from device B. Is there a way to know that the user is already in the meeting and show a relevant popup message. The ZoomSDK is not showing any relevant popup message it is simply coming out of the meetingUI, and in MobileRTCMeetingState and
MobileRTCMeetingServiceDelegate I don’t see any enum value for alreadyInThisMeeting.

I have added a screenshot, where I have tested this scenario in the ZoomiOS App and it shows a popup that the user is already in the meeting. Please provide a way on how to achieve the same thing using meetingSDK.

Which iOS Meeting SDK version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
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  1. Join from device A.
  2. Try to join from device B.


Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: iPhone SE 2ndgen
  • OS: iOS 14.0.1

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Hey @spraveen,

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Yes, there is a callback called

  • ( void )onAskToEndOtherMeeting:( void (^ _Nonnull )( BOOL cancel))completion;

That is triggered in this event and provides a completion to tell the SDK whether or not to end the other meeting. If you implement this callback, there will no longer be an alert that is presented automatically.


Hi Thanks for the reply micheal, but this method is not being called at all, the when we try join meeting from device B, it is simply coming out of the meeting and this method is not being called at all, is there any delegate that we have to confirm?
Currently these are the settings and using meetingServiceDelegate. My Current issue is that SDK is automatically not showing, the end other meeting alert at all.

The onAsk() and onMeetingReady() are not getting called at all.

Hey @spraveen,

In this scenario, is onMeetingError called? If so what error is it showing?


Hi @Michael_Condon Please check the below screenshot for onMeetingError() method output.

Hey @spraveen,

When you call startMeeting or joinMeeting after the user is already in another meeting, the function should return a MobileRTCMeetError. What MobileRTCMeetError is it returning?


The error is “The meeting has a problem. (Error code: 67)”

Hey @spraveen,

When I try to reproduce this issue in the sample app I am able to successfully join the same meeting on multiple devices at once. Let me follow up with the team on this one. This seems strange.

Stay tuned,

Okay, @Michael_Condon any update on this issue?

Hey @spraveen,

Yes, is your account a free account or a pro account?


@Michael_Condon its a Pro Account.

Hey @spraveen,

Hmm, can you reproduce try and start a second meeting once more, receive error code 67 and then obtain the SDK logs from that instance? Send them over me at Please include a link to this post and mention my name. Instructions for getting the logs can be found here:


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