Polls Not Returning for Zoom Webinars

Impacted endpoint: v2/webinars/{event_id}/polls

I’m currently unable to receive the expected results from this endpoint for a webinar ([REDACTED]). I’m certain that there are polls associated with this webinar because I’m receiving user responses to polls from the v2/report/webinars/{event_id}/polls endpoint.

Extracting poll questions from the user responses endpoint is not a reliable work-around because polls that are not responded to do not appear in the user responses. I need a dependable way to get a set of all polls created on a webinar.

Thank you in advance for looking into this!

Does the List Past Webinar Poll Results API return the expected polls for that Webinar?

When was that Webinar last hosted?

The webinar should not be expired. It was hosted on 9 Dec. 2022