/webinars/{webinar_id}/polls endpoint not returning polls

Impacted endpoint: v2/webinars/{webinar_id}/polls

I posted a similar concern a little over a month ago: Polls not returning for webinars. I’m now seeing this issue with a different webinar.

I’m currently unable to receive the expected results from this endpoint for a webinar. I’m certain that there are polls associated with this webinar because I’m receiving user responses to polls from the v2/report/webinars/94831794104/polls endpoint. I’m also certain that this webinar has not yet expired.

Extracting poll questions from the user responses endpoint is not a reliable work-around because polls that are not responded to do not appear in the user responses. I need a dependable way to get a set of all polls created on a webinar.

Thank you in advance for looking into this!

Hi @jlardani ,

Was it ever resolved in your last post?

Are you passing any of the query string params for [GET/webinars{webinarId}/polls](https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/zoom-api/methods/#operation/webinarPolls)?

If the webinar has concluded, what do you see when you use [GET/past_webinars/{webinarId}/polls](https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/zoom-api/methods/#operation/listPastWebinarPollResults)?

Hi Gianni,

Thank you for your response! It was not resolved in my last post.

I’m not passing any of the query string params for [GET/webinars{webinarId}/polls ]

And [GET/past_webinars/{webinarId}/polls ] returns the same response as [GET/report/webinars/{webinarId}/polls ]. I get back a list of users with associated lists of the polls they responded to. This is insufficient though, because if they haven’t responded to a poll, information for that poll will not be returned by this endpoint. We need a reliable source for all of the polls created for a webinar session.