Listing webinar polls doesn't return all


Recently, when attempting to retrieve the list of polls (/webinars/{webinarId}/polls) and their results (/past_webinars/{webinarId}/polls) from a webinar, I’ve noticed that the list does not display all the polls. There are poll IDs in the results that do not appear in the poll list.

Has anything changed recently?

Thanks for the help.

Hi @rfvm ,

Could you try using the “List past webinar poll results” endpoint and see whether it returns the correct polls for said webinar.

See below link for more info on the endpoint

Thank your for your help.

I’ve already done it, the “List past webinar poll results” shows results from 2 different polls as expected, that’s correct, but the “List a webinar’s polls” only shows one poll, as you can see in here:

json result of the same webinar

Hi @rfvm ,

This seems to be a bug and I have opened a service engineering request:

Currently escalated (ZOOM-641204). Waiting to be fixed.

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Hi @Harsh4 @rfvm ,

The behavior is due to a database change.

Endpoint /v2/report/webinars/{webinarId}/polls is already compatible the new design , but /v2/webinars/{webinarId}/polls still doesn’t support the new design and is set to be fixed.

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