Possible to add meeting tracking_fields to webhooks events?

We’re creating an API to receive the webhook events. In our meeting creation (instant meetings), using the Zoom API, we add a few data points to the meeting using “tracking_fields”. However, these do not get returned in the meeting.started or meeting.ended events we receive from webhooks.
Of course we can always use the meeting id to lookup the original meeting to get these tracking fields but it would save traffic on the Zoom API and computing cycles in our API if there was a way to get tracking fields to be returned as well.

Am I missing something? Should this work?

Hi @dnelson
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community!
According to our docs, the tracking_fields are only visible in the webhook event meeting.created

My suggestion is to add the this event to your app and listen to that event as well to get the value of those tracking_fields

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The thing we were missing was that the tracking fields must be defined not only in the meeting creation API call but also at the Zoom Account level or they will not be returned.

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is it possible to receive tracking fields also for webinar.created webhook event? Right now it seems like it is only possible for meeting.created webhook