Postman using zoom api

hi i am using of zoom api in postman but get error “Invalid access token” . i set access token in post man but i have this error yet …
what can i do?

Hey @elena.streep, thanks for reaching out!

Can you please provide what API you are calling as well as your request details (leaving out credentials).


We are also facing this error. Tried from postman, and through code. API we are calling are
Can you please help?


What type of credentials are you using? JWT or OAuth?


JWT. I want to list meetings on my portal for a logged in user based on his/ her email. We don’t have apikey/ secret for each and every user so we are looking at the possibility of using Master account APIs to make this work. But now I have come to know that Master Account can’t be a free development account so in turn, I am not able to test my code without asking my clients about their live master account details. Please help me out with a solution for this scenario.


Correct the Master Account API’s are only for Zoom Partners.

You should use the OAuth app type to achieve this.

“By creating an OAuth app on the Zoom App Marketplace, you can securely integrate with Zoom APIs and access users’ authorized data using a user-based authentication approach. This app can either be installed and managed across an account by account admins (account-level app) or by users individually (user-managed app).”

Let me know if this helps!


Thanks a lot Tommy. We would switch to OAuth in this case.

Happy to help!

Let me know if I can assist in any other way!


Hi Tommy,

We are stuck again. We have switched to OAuth too. Here is what we want to achieve and it looks like the APIs are not developer friendly. Can you please guide me step by step?

Scenario: I have a client, who has a paid zoom account and has multiple users added to that account. They have a custom dashboard app that each user can login to with their respective email id. This email id is same as what is registered on Zoom account for each user.

Goal: They want to add list of scheduled Zoom meetings for a user on this dashboard. e.g. If I am invited for a meeting, I need this meeting on my dashboard (fyi. I am not a host or a co-host of the meeting, just an attendee) To fetch this list, we only have user’s email id.

Options as I understand:
Option 1: My client gets a Master account created for themselves so that all user/ meetings information can be accessed with master account credentials.
Option 2: We need to have access to account (Paid) of an Owner type user. With that information, we can use Reports APIs perhaps to list meetings of a user.

What I can’t do as of now is, I have no way of testing this whole scenario with my developer account on Zoom because Report APIs only work for Paid account and Master accounts are rare.

Also, we tried using Retrieve User Token API to get token based on User’s email, but somehow that token is not able to fetch meeting info of a non-host user (attendee)

Can you please let me know if what I understand is correct or not? Do I have any other option to achieve this?

Your help would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Here are some options for you:

  1. Edit, currently we do not have an endpoint to get a meetings co hosts. We will have an endpoint in the future to get a list a meetings co hosts and invitees.


  1. Use the Zoom Google Calendar Integration and embed the Google Calendar on your site to list user meetings.

(The Retrieve User Token API is the token used to start meetings. You will probably not need this for your scenario.)

You do not need a master/partner account to do this. If you would like, we have a free trail account that will give you API Access so you can test.

We should have an endpoint in the future to get invited attendees.

Let me know if this helps!


Thanks a ton for a detailed and careful answer. We will try with first option for sure. Moreover, could you please let me know how to request for a trial account?

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Hey happy to help!

Yes, I will cc you in an email for you to request a trail account.


Hello Tommy,

We Are trying to fetch meetings from reports APIs but seems it is not working as expected like when we are passing “to” parameter it is taking some random date and doesn’t fetch any records. Attached screen shot here for your reference.

Please help.

Hi @vishalpatel21 ,

The dates that you are using are2019-08-21 to 2019-08-24, which are in the future. Hence this is an expected response. Please note that the time range for the report is limited to a month and the month should fall under the past six months.

I hope this helps.


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Ok thanks. Also I have one more question. Zoom meetings are not shown in Invitees login. Or is there any way that we can call any API which is list down meeting list of Invitee? My requirements is to list meetings of Invitee from my account. Is there any way. Please suggest and help me out.

Hi @vishalpatel21 ,

If you are the admin of the account, and the participant is a user in your account, then you can use the List Meetings API to view the upcoming meetings for the user.

If the participant does not belong to your account, you cannot view his upcoming meetings.

Alternatively, you can try to create a custom logic at your end, here is one such approach:

  • Using the List Registrants of a Meeting API, get a list of all the registrants for every meeting that you scheduled.
  • Using the email address of the registrant (this is a required parameter), check how many meetings he is registered to.
  • You can also use the Retrieve Meeting Participants report API to check how many meetings the participant has attended in the past (Please note: If the meeting did not have registration required, you may not be able to get the accurate details).

Let me know if this is helpful.

Thanks for your reply. But below is my scenario

with option 1 that you have mentioned, here is what I am doing… is my admin, I have created app from his account. vishalpatel21 is a user there. I have created a meeting from mdara’s account and invited Vishal using outlook/google. Vishal has also accepted the meeting. Now I need Vishal to see his list of meetings that are coming up using his email I’d. But the API is not returning this meeting.

API url :

Please help me out with this.

Hey @vishalpatel21,

Can you try adding ?type=upcoming to the end of your request. By default the type query param sets to live and the meeting you want to see is upcoming.


Let me know if this works!



Here my scenario is different it only shows meetings which I scheduled. But it is not listing the meetings which in which I am as a participant or CO Host.
My concern is that API should results me all my meetings (i.e. Scheduled By Me & “In which I am as a Participant which is Scheduled by other user” )Hope you understand my requirement.
Please help me out with this.

please go through image attached for reference in image it shows meeting which I scheduled only but not showing meetings in which I am participating in or Co-Hosting