Login with zoom user email and password and list meetings

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I need a new development: the zoom user will login from a web form using his email and password on my school web page. Then when he has authenticated he can list only his past meetings. So I need to get his zoom userid information when he logged in.

I couldn’t try anything, I have to use php scripts.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
I installed oath2 and jwt applications on marketplace. But don’t know which one I must use on this scenario.

Which Endpoint/s?
User Authentication

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  1. Request URL / Headers (without credentials) / Body
  2. See error

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Additional context
I explained my request in description top. I hope it is enough clear .

Hi @uzem,

Thanks for reaching out!

Will the end-user exist under your Zoom account, or will they be using their own external Zoom accounts? If it’s the former, you can use JWT, as these credentials can authorize requests on behalf of any user under the account. You can then use the JWT token to call the List Users API:

If it’s the latter, this will require OAuth, and end users will need to authorize your OAuth App. Once they do so, you can retrieve an access_token to authenticate API requests on their behalf following this flow:

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:


Thank you for your response. The end users are the users under my enterprise account.
I can list the all users array using "list user API " with JWT authentication. But how any of these users can sign in from my web page? How can i query their email and password match with the zoom.us account ?

Hey @uzem,

Good question! I’ll note that when using JWT, you will only be able to query users under your account. To query users outside of your account, you’ll want to publish an OAuth app on our marketplace.

If you wanted the users to sign in from your web page you have a couple of options. The easiest is that you store their access_token and refresh_token in your DB behind your authentication system. When they log in to your site, you make sure that you refresh the access_token if needed and then you can make requests on their behalf.

I hope that helps!


Hi Max,
I understand your suggestion. Then is there a way to get the user’s default access_token to write to the my query DB?
We can get acces_token for account owner using ‘/oauth/token’ and CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET. But I dont know how to get access_token of a user in my enterprise account. When i click a user’s name in the zoom account users list page, the user profile url like ‘https://zoom.us/user/zPR9ShXmQFW_JuvCDWd5Ww/profile

Hi @uzem – I see a “user does not exist” page when I click the link. Is that different from what you’re seeing?


Oh yes, i changed some letters of the string because of security. It was just an example for better explaining :slight_smile:
Meanwhile, I took some steps to get auth code and token of different users using your documents.
Thank you.

Hi @uzem,

Glad to hear it! If you still have questions or concerns, please let us know.


Hello, i can get access token of the signed user using autherization code. Then i get userid using that access token. My goal is, getting the past meeting list of that zoom user. But when i call V2/me/meetings API in the same page, it always give “invalid access token” error ?

May i use same AT for two API request in one hour ?

Is there any other method of getting userid of the signed user together with access token ?

Hi @uzem,

Yes you should be able to use the same access_token for multiple requests within an hour. Can you try passing email or user ID in the request URL in place of ‘me’?


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