Pre/Post Processing Video Stream

I am looking to run some ML models on raw video data in mobile client SDK. I need to run at 1fps.

I am finding to alternatives. Which approach would be better?

  1. feed data from camera via VirtualVideoSource into zoomsdk.
  2. do preprocessing of data via
    ZoomSDKVideoSourceHelper sourceHelper=ZoomSDK.getInstance().getVideoSourceHelper();

I checked, from what it looks like that, video-pre-processor work on inbound video streams.

I think VirtualVideoSource might be the only option. Can anyone tell me whats the performance hit of feeding camera feed through virtual video source, what fps would be supported?

Hi @pankajmyt, thanks for the post.

Unfortunately, accessing raw video data requires a raw data license, which is not currently publicly available.

Our Video SDK provides access to raw data out of the box, but keep in mind that it is not compatible with Zoom meetings. If you would like to give that SDK a try and have any questions, please feel free to reach out in the #mobile-video-sdk category. :slightly_smiling_face:


We have our existing system built on zoom meetings. so we would prefer to do it in Client SDK.
Could I get a test account for me to be able to test this raw-video in Client SDK?

I would be happy to talk to sales, post our POC on this.

Hi @pankajmyt,

Unfortunately it is not possible to obtain a raw data license for the Client SDK at this time.


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