Modify video frames before sending to remote meeting participants

Is it possible to use Zoom Android SDK to modify video frames before sending? I want to apply filters to my video before it is sent to remote meeting participants. On OSX and Windows it’s possible to use a virtual camera but for Android there doesn’t seem to any mechanism like that.

Is this functionality available to ISV partners?

On Windows I see the following API but it’s not clear in the documentation how to use it.

On iOS and Android, I couldn’t find the API for sending raw data.

Hi @vv-loom,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Currently the raw data feature is not publicly available. If you are an ISV partner, please contact the ISV team for more information.


Thanks for your reply. I am not a ISV partner yet but I’d consider it if this functionality is available to ISV partners. Can you connect me to the ISV team please.

You may connect to the ISV team by clicking and press the “Contact ISV Platform Sales”