PreMeetingService broken?


I want to use the PreMeetingService in my application. If I create it right after InitSDK I get the following error code: SDKERR_UNAUTHENTICATION. If I create it after authentication has succeeded in onAuthenticationReturn I get the following error code: SDKERR_WRONG_USEAGE

I can create MeetingService without any problems at both places. Can you help me please?





you need to  call ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE.IAuthService.SDKAuth  firstly and waiting for the ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE.IAuthServiceEvent  callback event. after that, you call other windows sdk APIs.




thanksI tried that also. If I wait for the ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE.IAuthServiceEvent, I get SDKERR_WRONG_USEAGE when I want to create the PreMeetingService. Again the MeetingService can be created without any problems. So what should I do?


only login user can use IPreMeetingService. if you want to use this service, please login your zoom account. thanks.