Prevent SDK from trying to auto-load

I’m trying to integrate the SDK into a SPA. It’s built on Vue, but the issue is that Zoom wants to auto-load so it immediately needs jQuery. I don’t want to have dependencies for Zoom loaded ‘until they’re needed’. This autoload destroys functionality of the site and CSS. Is there a way to prevent this auto-loading? Why doesn’t Zoom have something like zoomMtg.load()?

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Hey @dethnoble, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

We understand the headache here, and are working to improve this.

For now, the workaround would be to hide the #zmmtg-root id via CSS and then show it when desired.

#zmmtg-root {
  display: none;

Or, you could have the Web SDK hosted outside your SPA, and then navigate to it when desired, and then once the meeting ends, navigate back to your SPA via the leaveUrl.