Provide API to list all installed apps

We want to list all installed apps in a zoom account. This can be viewed in zoom UI under ADMIN APP MANAGEMENT > Apps on Account

Here we have 19 apps added to our account. However the API provided under Zoom Marketplace API will list all the apps created in this account.

We are interested in getting a list of all the 3rd party apps installed in this account, eg: Google Drive, Live Notes in browser etc.

We tried to list these apps using the Zoom Marketplace API API call with the appropriate userid in the endpoint. However the API getUserAppRequests returns 0 apps for both active_requests and past_requests.

As a part of this request we would like to request a way to list all installed apps in a zoom account .

Hi @rajarshi
Unfortunately, we do not have an endpoint that allows you to query this information.
i will move this thread to the Feature request category

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